What can I do with an Access to HE Diploma in Health Professions?

Have you considered becoming a Nurse or Midwife, but you don’t have the required A-level qualifications to go to university?
Then the Access to HE Diploma in Health Professions would be the perfect course for you.
It is also ideal for people who have been out of education for a while or are aiming for a career change.
This course provides an alternative entry route if you don’t have A-levels. It will enable you to apply for different healthcare-related undergraduate courses.

A recognised qualification

Our Access to HE Diploma course is recognised by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) which will give you peace of mind that you will receive high-quality course material according to the set standards.

The course content covers several different modules to provide you with relevant knowledge and understanding of the Healthcare sector. These include for instance Human Biology, Infection Control & Prevention, Health Studies, or Psychology. The syllabus also covers academic study skills, such as research and referencing, or producing a written assignment.

Benefits of the Access to HE Diploma in Health Professions Course

The Access to HE Diploma in Health Professions does not only prepare you for your academic career. Most importantly, it is also very flexible. You study completely online and don’t need to go to any classroom lessons. You can arrange your learning to suit your lifestyle and manage your own study time. This is why it is such a popular course. Also, the QAA published statistics which state that ‘90% of graduates with an Access to HE Diploma are employed or in further study six months after graduation‘.

Another benefit of this course is that it is based on assignments only, which means there is no exam. Moreover, you also do not need to gain any practical experience.
But you need to meet all course criteria to pass your Diploma course. These include written assignments, project work, or workbooks.

Course duration

The set course duration is 12 months. We recommend a study time of 20-30 hours per week.
With this in mind, it also depends on your personal commitment to your learning.

How to get started with your Access to HE Diploma in Health Professions

If you are interested in gaining the Access to HE Diploma in Health Professions, you can find out more about this course here. You can also speak to one of our course advisors, who will be able to answer any questions you may have. Simply call 01708 776 050 or use the ‘Request callback’ function on the Access course page.

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