A key part of training for students studying the NEBDN National Diploma is their Record of Experience. This documents their development as a trainee and they need your help to complete it.

Every student needs a witness, who will observe them assisting a procedure and then provide them with some feedback. A student can have several witnesses, as long as they are GDC registered. Maybe you would like to develop one of your senior nurses and your therapist would like the prestige of assisting in the training process, or maybe you are going to mentor the student throughout personally. You can make it work for your practice in the best way for you.

When you have allocated the student their witnesses, then the witness will need to carry out some training. This is known as the Witness Training Programme of WTP for short. This training is available online and really helps to standardise the level of feedback for every student. Constructive feedback is an important part of everyone’s development and this helps the witnesses know what to expect. You get 1.5 hours vCPD for the training, at no cost.

Click on the button below and register yourself for the training. Just remember to give your trainee the same email address you use to do the training, so that you can be allocated to their training.


You need to observe the videos, to check if the student is ‘competent’ or ‘not competent’. Are they completing the task according to the guidelines or have they made a mistake? Have a pen and paper with you to make some notes. Feedback should be given according the sandwich method, shown to the right:

When watching the videos see if you can answer the questions to the right and it will help you with the feedback. If you need any further support then please do not hesitate to contact the office and we will be able to help you.

  • What have they done well during the procedure?

  • What did they not get right during the procedure?

  • If doing this again, how could they improve for the next time done?

  • Any general constructive points if required