As a training practice you will need to complete some compulsory documentation.

We have a dedicated team member on hand to help you should you require any assistance.

You will need to ensure that you have completed the following:

A Training Practice Monitoring Form  |  A Service Level Agreement  |  The Witness Training Programme  |  Regular Progress Reports

If you have more than one student, you only need to complete a new service level agreement and progress reports.

The Training Practice Monitoring Form:
As an accredited provider of the NEBDN National Diploma, we are required to check that the environment that the student is training in is appropriate. This form asks for information about the facilities available in your practice. This can be a great tool for the trainee to complete, or can be quickly completed by an experienced team member, such as a practice manager.

The Service Level Agreement:
This form is your commitment to training the student. It states that you will enable them to learn everything that they need to qualify and also details our commitment to you. This document requires the last page to be signed and returned.

The Witness Training Programme:
We need to have a record of your certificate for completing the training programme. This helps us should there be any glitches in the online system. It is also compulsory for us to have a copy to send with the student’s exam application form.

Regular Progress Reports:
Throughout the students training, we like to know how they are getting on so that we can get their tutor to target any areas which need development. Please help us by completing this form to show how they are progressing.